​Is Optimus Red Washable?

Yes! We recommend hand washing the fabric lining the shell with warm water and mild soap once a week You don't wear dirty underwear - same rules apply.

How big is Optimus Red?

It's an over-sized shell that surrounds your entire package (if your package is too big to fit then you get a high five & we're jealous)

It's over-sized for comfort & too keep things cooler down there longer.

The nose of the shell grabs your waistband to prevent Optimus from sliding down.

I'm crazy enough to wear this to the store and/or in the office, will people see the red light?

Nah, we got you covered bro. The red light is not visible if you’re wearing pants.

Can the Micro Panels be used on other body parts?

We thought you’d never ask. We don’t make specific recommendations but they could be used for targeted treatments like wound healing and beyond.

Is this a magic bullet?

Yes & No

Don't get Optimus Red if your diet sucks, you don't exercise, you're carrying serious extra weight & you're stressed or depressed. Get after it bro - we believe in you. Make some fundamental improvements first & then get Optimus.

If you've got the lifestyle basics covered, then Optimus is a magic bullet...but with so many dangers in the world putting pressure on your nuts, we all need a handful of magic bullets.

Here's the what's worked for us:

- Optimus Red (it's epic)

- Targeted cold

- Plenty of Sleep (your body produces hormones when you sleep so cutting corners on seep can crater your man hormones)

- Vit D3 (taken with breakfast or lunch)

- The Taoist practice of not nutting more than once a week (give or take depending on your age)

Here is a great article from Private Gym on  Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Want to learn more about red light and T?

Our friends at Private Gym have also written this guide about red light therapy for your testicles.

What else can I do? 

Check out Lucas Aoun's Free Testosterone Course

Not a paid link: Lucas is a friend & does an incredible job of serving up actionable advice.  

- He's done the work on himself

- He coaches some of the best athletes & achievers

- You owe it to yourself to take his course!

Is EMF a concern?

No. The micro panels are powered by low voltage lithium polymer batteries.

Batteries don’t emit EMF and neither do LEDs themselves.

The sources of EMF from plug-in wall panels include: 

- AC voltage

- The conversion from AC to 12v DC

- The wiring when current runs across it

(EMF is reduced in AC units via specialized signal/current conditioning circuitry and insulating or shielding certain electronic components)

Bonus Tip 2: Watch your phone habits if you're concerned about EMF. Keep it out of your pocket as much as possible and use an EMF shielding phone case

What's the wavelength?

Some companies talk about ‘medical grade’ wavelengths, but our view is that for this application there isn’t a lot of magic when it comes to specific wavelengths, other than safety.

A white incandescent light bulb would also activate your mitochondria but that kind of bulb also throws off a lot of other undesirable wavelengths and heat.

Your eyes are great spectrometers in the visible light range and colored LEDs emit a fairly tight wavelength range.

In other words, if it's a red LED & it looks red...then it’s red.

What about light intensity?

We have been hesitant to put Optimus Red specific data on the site, because it implies that we believe that the science is settled for this application (your nuts)

Optimus Red power output is on the low end of the therapeutic range, and this is for a number of reasons

Optimus Red is meant to be used regularly or cycled on and off as needed, whereas published studies typically have a fixed treatment time of a few days or weeks.

The product development approach was to find a light output range that subjectively works and not increase intensity beyond these levels just to align with one study or the current consensus. 

The guys who initially tested Optimus noticed a boost and so from a conservative perspective it didn’t make sense to add power unnecessarily.

Research data for light intensity is often an apples to oranges comparison with all sorts of variables including light hardware and the specific application.

Everyone's different* and it's up to all of us to discover what level of light works.

Maybe your balls are hairier than a Sasquatch so you need the highest intensity setting and lots of time to penetrate through all that fur.

Toggle the Micro Panels between the 3 power intensities and explore what's right for you.

Ultimately, it comes down to self awareness and a willingness to experiment. Get excited about having a ball boosting tool(!) & don't get hung up on numbers.